About Shiatsu Massagers

The art of shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage that literally means finger pressure in Japanese. This type of massage was first discovered in the early 1900s by a Japanese man by the name of Tokujiro Namikoshi. While the original art was supposed to be done manually, its widespread popularity has introduced shiatsu massagers into the market. These massagers use the same techniques in a mechanical form to simulate the use of the fingers and other parts of the hand to massage specific pressure points on the back and other parts of the body. These mechanical massagers can provide the same types of relaxation and healing benefits that the art of manual shiatsu can provide.

Shiatsu massagers come in a variety of styles that can meet different needs. Some of these massagers focus on the neck, while others focus on the entire back. The type of shiatsu massager a person chooses will depend greatly upon their budget as well as the purpose for which they need the massager. For instance, if a person has a lot of pain in his back, a shiatsu back massager may be the best option. However, if the neck is the problem area, he or she may want one that focuses on that area instead.

Types of Shiatsu Massagers

Shiatsu massagers come in different types and focus on different areas of the body. The HoMedics shiatsu massager provides a localized massage that will give the recipient all the same benefits of getting a shiatsu massage in person. However, it is important to find the type of massager that will serve each person the best and fits into their lifestyle. For instance, the shiatsu back massager will focus on different areas of the back that are most likely to cause problems. If a person wants a shiatsu massage cushion, he can choose one that will fit the entire back of the chair to give massage pressure all over the back, or he can choose one that offers a more localized massage if a person has specific areas that are a problem. A person may even prefer a HoMedics shiatsu massage that includes heat to help relax the muscles.

HoMedics shiatsu massagers can help more than just the back. These massagers also come in variations that will provide localized massages to other areas of the body. The neck and shoulders are other common locations of tension and muscle aches. A shiatsu massager can easily help relieve the tension and tight muscles of the neck and shoulders with a specially designed u-shaped massager that will massage all the tension away. Shiatsu massagers that focus on the feet are also available. This is especially useful if a person spends a lot of time on their feet on a daily basis for work or has foot problems that cause pain. Regardless of what the muscle problem is a person can find a HoMedics shiatsu massager that is right for them.

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