Review of Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Neato first introduced its Botvac robot vacuum series in year r2014 and expanded the product lineup through introducing some new products and adding functionalities to the existing product lines under Botvac names.

One of the products of Neato is the Neato Botvac D80, which comes with a new feature. It’s an ingenious brush system that’s much quieter on the hardwood floors. This is good news because D80’s previous version might get very loud once in use. In spite of the new brush design, the rest of the product mostly unchanged and comes with a combination of side-spinning brush and brush roll and high-tech navigation system that’s laser-guided to get around the room.

When compared to D80 competitors including Roomba 880 and PowerBot VR9000 by Samsung, Neato Botvac D80 doesn’t include a remote control unit. While several consumers might see this a drawback, an effective navigational system and ability to return to its own charging dock automatically.

Navigation System

At the heart of this unit’s navigation system is the company’s QNX Neutrino OS. Once combined with laser technology, this OS is completely responsive to the environment and can map a room or avoid obstacles in its path with efficiency and ease that one would expect from high quality robot vacuums. It’s made possible by the patented Botvision technology of Neato, combining room mapping, laser scanning, and real-time detection of obstacle to clean rooms quicker than majority of robot vacuums in the price range.


Neato Botvac D80 is run by nickel metal hydride batteries that can be recharged quickly and give vacuuming hours on one charge. Weighing in at nine pounds, this product comes with D shape, enabling it to clean the corners and edges more efficiently than the robot vacuums of various sizes and shapes.

Display or Controls 

Its touch sensitive LCD panel offers an intuitive menu, which makes changing settings easy. The routine cleanings may be modified and setup with the use of the touch controls and spot cleans in particular areas. When it requires to be recharged, it’ll return automatically to the charging station and would pick up where this left off cleaning when charging is complete.

The Good

  • Efficient navigation
  • Outperformed BotVac when it comes to picking up pet hair.
  • Side brushes work great when picking up dirt on the edges.
  • Big dirt capacity.
  • Its navigation system is laser guided and enables you to use it on low light situations.
  • It comes with two brushes for carpet and hair.

The Not So Good

  • Won’t go on dark floors and rugs because of its cliff sensors.
  • In spite of its upgrades, it didn’t outperform BotVac 80.
  • Slightly pricey than some better performing BotVac models.

The Bottom Line

Neato Botvac D80 is an amazing high performing model, which ties for the top overall score. This excels particularly at cleaning hard surface floor, navigating into the tight corners, and sweeping up close to the edges and collect pet hair. This robot vacuum was not a runner-up in terms of cleaning carpets as well as navigating around the obstacles more than enough for most households.

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